The environment - Can Cabruja
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The environment

The environment of Can Cabruja, Santa Pellaia, is in the Las Gavarras massif, next to Bajo Empordá and the sea of the Costa Brava.

casa rural al mig de la natura

The Gavarras Mountains, with its maritime Mediterranean climate, form a large part of the Bajo Empordá hiking network and also host the Bajo Empodá BTT Center, making it an ideal environment for walking and pedaling. The massif has a great history. In the past, it had more inhabitants than today and there was a lot of human activity: coal bunkers, ice pits, lime kilns, cork harvesting, seasonal
migration, etc. Today, it stands out due to the presence of large farmhouses, such as Can Cabruja,
beautiful Romanesque churches, and numerous megalithic tombs. Its highest point is the Puig d’Arques at 532m.


The flora is primarily made up of holm oak, cork oak, and pine forests, although in the wettest part, there are also oak, alder, hazelnut, poplar, willow, elm, and mushrooms that are typical of Mediterranean forests.

The undergrowth has a jungle aspect, with dogwood, strawberry trees, Mediterranean buckthorn, lianas … But it is the pines that occupy the largest space in the Gavarras, with a clear predominance of stone pine, Aleppo pine and maritime pine.

The fauna is also very diverse and beautiful. Birds such as the sparrowhawk, the tawny owl, the woodpecker, the jay, the blackbird and the nightingale, and mammals such as the wild boar, the badger, the fox, the squirrel and the genet coexist. We can also find amphibians and reptiles such as the salamander or the marbled newt.


The massif is a perfect place for hiking or cycling excursions, as the itineraries are very well-marked and the terrain is suitable for this type of activity. These routes will allow you to visit beautiful, natural and historical places such as dolmens, churches and views over the sea!

Activities near Can Cabruja

The environment of Las Gavarras and the Empordá with the sea of the Costa Brava and the north wind, welcomes physical activity and the contemplation of the engaging and moving landscape.

senderisme santa pellaia

Hiking | Santa Pellaia | 10km

We suggest 2 hiking routes from Santa Pellaia: the first is moderate and circular. More information.

senderisme a les gavarres

Hiking | Santa Pellaia | 22,55km

Santa Pellaia-Sant Mateu de Montnegre-San Cristóbal del Bosque (Llambilles). 22,55 km, moderate. More information.

allotjament rural santa pellaia

Hiking | The Gavarras

Other Hiking Routes around Las Gavarras. More information.

rutes en btt baix empordà

MTB routes

The mountainous areas of Las Gavarras have great potential and ideal characteristics for mountain biking, take advantage of them! More information.

rutes cicloturisme baix empordà

Bicycle Touring Routes

The Baix Empordà region maintains a wide network of rural roads suitable for cycling … Més informació.

sortides a cavall baix empordà

Horse riding

Las Feixes offers you horseback riding through Las Gavarras. More information.
camí de ronda empordà

Roads of Ronda

Walks by the sea on the Costa Brava. More information.
vols en globus empordà

Balloon trips

Let yourself be carried away by the Empordá wind and enjoy wonderful views and unforgettable, magical sensations. More information.

ceràmica la bisbal

Bisbal pottery

La Bisbal is one of the main ceramic centers in Catalonia, with a centuries- old tradition that is reflected in the city’s landscape and the marketing of ceramic products. More information.

ruïnes d'empúris empordà

La Escala and the Ruins of Ampurias

The Portitxol beach, San Martín de Ampurias and the Empurias ruins are one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in Empordà and it is an authentic ritual for many fans of the region. It’s a must-see!  More information.
pobles medievals empordà

The medieval villages of Forallac

Another must-see is Peratallada, a medieval complex of notable interest: narrow and irregular stone alleys enclosed by a complex system of walls and its castle.  More information.
entorn can cabruja peratallada

Cruïlles, Monells and Sant Sadurní de l’Heura

Monells is one of the most charming towns in Bajo Empordá, with beautiful old stone streets and 12th century arches that will transport you to another era.  More information.