Home - Can Cabruja
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Welcome to your home

You are in the heart of the Gavarras, breathing in the essence of the Mediterranean forest… on the way to your new home, you will see the Medes Islands, you will see the Montgrí, and you will be surrounded by cork oaks and wild native plants.



Welcome to Can Cabruja, a restored house of ancient origins that dates back to 1064. Here you can connect with yourself, rent the house for the whole family or a group of friends, or participate in a special group workshop. The environment is ideal for enjoying the natural therapies offered in house by our selected professionals. Would you like to come in and have a look around?

Retreats and therapies

At some point, we all fancy a retreat- a retreat in the middle of nature, right? Can Cabruja is an idyllic space, immersed in nature, a refuge for when we need a few days of peace to connect with ourselves. Come visit our renovated house between Cassà de la Selva and La Bisbal, very close to Girona. Choose from the variety of therapies we offer and feel the full power of the forest and the oaks!