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Give yourself a complete holistic, relaxing, regenerating, and rejuvenating rural experience by adding one or more therapeutic sessions to your stay in Can Cabruja.


Book your therapy, massage or session with our therapists and teachers, who will adapt the session according to your needs.

Massatge tailandes costa Brava

Thai massage

Thai massage is a deep massage to open the body, release emotional blocks, and activate the free flow of energy or life force, thus allowing the healing process to transcend the physical body.


Rebalance, stretch and feel spectacularly good!


Thai Massage is a happy combination of acupressure points, work with hands and fingers, feet, knees and elbows, on the energy lines of the body, rhythmic movements, gentle stretching, work with breathing and all the benefits of yoga. Each session is done on a mat on the floor, and in comfortable clothing.


Apart from stretching and toning the muscles, Thai Massage improves circulation, relaxes muscular and joint tensions, releases and reduces aches and pains, accelerates metabolism and boosts the immune system. Obstructions at the physical and energetic level disappear, allowing the life force (prana) to circulate freely throughout the body.


Treat yourself to a holistic and healing massage and enjoy a deep feeling of calm and well-being.

Therapist: Sònia Isart

Water massage | Aguahara

Water, or essentially the sea, has always been a healing element, cleaner of emotions and blockages. Aguahara is a healing experience through water where the therapist is the support for your floating body, and its task is to create the right atmosphere so that when you move in different ways, both on the surface and underwater, the friction with the water and the resistance that is generated, give you the best massage or healing experience you have ever experienced. It is really amazing!


Therapist: Sònia Isart

Massatge a l'aigua o aguahara girona
Teràpia Craneosacral girona

Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapy

Craniosacral Biodynamic therapy is
based on the principle of the existence
of a series of rhythmic movements that
emerge from the tissues and fluids of
the body nucleus that make up the
craniosacral system (from the brain to
the sacrum) and that are also
transmitted to all organs, cells and body
tissues. The power and quality with
which this impulse emerges and is
transmitted to the whole body
determines its state of health and


A Craniosacral Biodynamic session takes place with the fully clothed person lying on a massage table. The Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapist has developed the ability to establish herself in a state of presence with a still mind and her own Primary Breathing. A safe therapeutic relational field is created where the energetic flow unfolds the healing potential of the patient. As the therapeutic process continues, the person accesses deep states of rest, relaxation and harmony, increasing their resilience. Their entire system reconnects with more of their own resources.


An integral part of this work is awareness of the life process, which is facilitated by the therapist through a verbal dialogue oriented to health and resources.


Therapist: Natàlia Tenedor

Mindfulness | Zen Meditation

Here we are simply offered the possibility of being present, of sitting well, both internally and externally. Observe without judgment. To sit fairly, anchored in the Hara. To train ourselves in the observation of the experiences and events that arise internally and externally, through self- inquiry and internal liberation.


Zen Meditation (Zazen) is not exclusive to a few, nor is it defined in monasteries. It belongs to every human being who wishes to open themselves to their full potential and inner liberation. It is a practice of emptying completely. Free yourself from what is left over. It is an invitation to get rid of any preset concept or image. Only this complete emptying can become the threshold of the experience of fullness.


It is a practice where we are allowed to move towards a true balance and inner maturity: Relaxation, Inner Development, Living Boldly, Understanding the Self, Welcoming and Understanding the Lights & Shadows, Deep Liberation, Joy of Living, Fullness.


Facilitator: Núria Martínez Brunet (Biosensar)

Mindfulness | Meditació Zen girona
casa rural ioga

Yoga | Vinyasa Flow | Hatha Yoga

The yoga sessions that we offer in Can Cabruja are adapted to the level and needs of the group or person.


The Vinyasa Yoga or Vinyasa Flow sessions are characterized by the fluid and dynamic sequence (flow), moved elegantly through the ujjayi breath and which is repeated between postures throughout the entire main sequence. The movement-breathing tandem is the key to flow. Vinyasa Flow sessions are dynamic and invigorating, accomplishing a full work of alignment, body awareness, toning, deep breathing and cardio.


Hatha Yoga sessions are based on alignment and breathing, making the practitioner commit to the pose by exploring it for a while, plus or minus 5 breaths.


We integrate the breath in each posture and activate the whole body with intention and at the same time relaxation, the state that yoga calls Sthira Sukha and that includes this aspect of yoga practice that encompasses and integrates many forms.


Although a Hatha class is slower on the move than a Vinyasa Flow practice, it can be just as challenging and stimulating.


Sessions in Catalan, English and Spanish.


Teachers: Eva Roca | Sònia Isart | Laxmi Valls | Alby Glaister | Xavi Punsola

Qi Gong

Qi Gong or Chi Kung is an art of Chinese origin with the aim of knowing, using and optimizing the energy system of the human body as understood by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Just as acupuncture does with needles, so does Qi Gong through movement, breathing, and visualizations.


According to the Qi Gong, we are healthy when we have abundant vital energy -o Chi- circulating where it must circulate without stagnating or dispersing, when we are balanced inside and this is achieved with its movements, which must be carried out in a meditative state of great awareness, calm and relaxation, qualities that practice itself facilitates.


Its exercises are easy to follow and are used therapeutically in both disease prevention and treatment.


Teacher: Carla Martín

agroturisme ioga
Banys de bosc cassà de la selva

Forest baths

During the forest bath, we immerse ourselves in the forest of the Gavarras, guided by an expert who will help us to be aware and awaken our senses, essential to perceiving life, the environment and the here and now.


It is a mindfulness activity where the forest is the true therapist.


This is a meditative and magical experience that will bring us back to life, transform us positively, teach us to value natur and the details and voice of our hearts.


At a physiological level, the forest bath is rejuvenating, alkalizing, anticancerous, and revitalizing.


It allows for:

Enjoy therapies in Can Cabruja

If you have a formal stay reservation in Can Cabruja, you can book your therapy with the following form. If you have questions, ask us at:

This service will be billed separately. Once the service is contracted, we will send you a link to make the payment.


Therapies and private yoga and chi kung classes: €90 per session (VAT and travel included)

Thai massage
Water massage
Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapy
Qi Gong
Forest baths

Contact us if you have further questions or need more information.