Cuisine - Can Cabruja
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At Can Cabruja, we offer a private eco-chef service through our kitchen

Can Cabruja’s cuisine is healthy, ecological, local and with a great wealth of aromas, colors and textures so that you can enjoy a beautiful and radiant gastronomic experience.

Guided by the ecochef Eva Roca, specialist in ecological and vital nutrition (Bionèctar restaurant).

Environmental sustainability

We love our planet, we are respectful of the environment, and therefore, we are committed to its conservation. That is why Can Cabruja’s cuisine is based on plants.


Nowadays, we already know that the main causes of the pollution and climate change on the planet are livestock, industry, transport and mass agriculture. We know we need to move towards a conscious, plant- based, unprocessed diet that is locally produced in order to reverse this ecological disaster.


The food in our kitchen comes from organic, local farmers at km0. This allows us to increase the nutritional and energy value of each dish, while preserving the environment.


We minimize waste by avoiding plastic packaging: we buy directly from the farmer and the seeds and grains come from organic bulk stores and producers that do not use plastic packaging.

cuina saludable i respetuosa
cuina a can cabruja

Healthy for you

Can Cabruja’s cuisine offers you 3 plant-based menus: vegetarian, macrobiotic and raw vegan (this is 100% gluten-free). All meals are made with 100% organic ingredients.


A well-balanced, plant-based diet will provide you with all the nutrients and vitality your body needs to stay healthy, young, and energized.


Breakfast is very energizing, with sweet and savory options. Lunch and dinner consist of a balanced seasonal menu with organic and local ingredients. You can also choose the detox menu option or the diet option with systematic or physiological fasting.


Let us know if you have any food allergies or intolerances, so we can adapt the menu to your needs.

Example of a winter season menu


Green smoothie + muesli bowl with granola, seasonal fruit and almond horchata.

Sliced eco buckwheat bread with avocado, arugula and sprouts.


Seasonal vegetable salad, sprouts and seeds with mustard and marjoram dressing

Bean stew with pumpkin, young garlic and rosemary

Carrot cake with lemon curd


Seasonal vegetable cream

Spinach quiche with hazelnut cream and turmeric

Relaxing fresh herbal tea

Reserve the Can Cabruja kitchen

If you have a formal stay reservation in Can Cabruja, you can reserve the kitchen with the following form and if you have any doubts, ask us at:

This service will be billed separately. Once the service is contracted, we will send you a link to make the payment.


Gourmet Eco-chef service

Breakfast: 21€ per person
Lunch: 49€ per person
Dinner: 49€ per person
Eco picnic: 29€ per person

Chef’s travel fee: 75€.

Prices include 100% organic, fresh and local ingredients.


Retreat Eco-chef service (mínim 12 persones)

Breakfast: 12€ per person (includes infusions)
Lunch: 25€ per person
Dinner: 25€ per person

Chef’s travel fee: 55€/day.

Prices include 100% organic, fresh and local ingredients.

VegetarianVeganRaw vegan

Private cooking / chef service
Breakfast LunchDinnerEco Picnic
Breakfast LunchDinnerEco Picnic
Breakfast LunchDinnerEco Picnic
Breakfast LunchDinnerEco Picnic
Breakfast LunchDinnerEco Picnic
Breakfast LunchDinnerEco Picnic